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Hello! I’m Differential.

Who am I? Well I am a beatboxer, singer and songwriter from the Fine ol’ city of Norwich.

I’ve been gigging since I was 19, played in various different venues across the UK, launched my own EP, Supported JLS and Dizraeli, hosted various festivals, and I plan to keep performing for as long as I can.

What can you expect? Well, I mix vocals, guitar and beatboxing through a Loop Pedal to create my very own soundtrack. On top of this I have a dedicated beatboxing set that will impress and entertain.

All in all, I try to make people smile, laugh and have a fantastic night. Check out the Testimonials below;

"The human equivalent of a Jägerbomb! Your energy and passion is admired by all and you're an awesome ambassador of Ferryfest"

Melissa Mitchell - Ferryfest

"Awesome energetic true performer"
Laura Adams - The Crayford Arms
"Great entertainment!"
Steve Jenkins - Reepham Music Festival